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A Hackable Network Management System for the 21st Century

Basic Info

OpenWISP Features

OpenWISP is a modular network management system built on top of OpenWRT (but designed to allow supporting multiple embedded operating systems) that allows managing and automating several aspects of IT network deployment, monitoring and management:

registration/provisioning of new nodes
creation of VPN tunnels
possibility of defining configuration templates and configuration variables to make the maintenance of configurations easier and faster
possibility of configuring mesh networks as well as wireless access points using WPA2, WPA3, 802.1x (WPA enterprise) , WPS, WEP, multiple SSIDs, etc.
possibility of deploying any network configuration supported by OpenWRT
monitoring, collection of metrics, active checks, threshold definition and alerts
RADIUS (eg: for wifi access / hotspot systems or ISPs)
responsive captive page with features like user registration, SMS verification, social login
firmware upgrades
web and email notifications for important events happening in the network
network topology visualization for mesh networks and VPN networks

The preceding list is not an exhaustive list but more like an overview of what OpenWISP can do.


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