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At least 2.7 billion people out of 8 billion globally are offline - and many people already connected do not have meaningful access.

Lokal, especially combined with nimble, enables communities to quickly start and manage a network that has services and content which are available even when there is no access to the wider internet. Existing networks can also deploy Lokal to bring local content and services to the communities they serve.

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Included services (save one or two) are open source and primarily focused on enabling communities to create, localize, and share their own content, whether this is educational or just for fun. The platform also enables offline, high resolution video/audio/text communication, whether or not there is internet access. Our team works closely with underconnected communities around the world to add new services to Lokal to meet their own needs.

You can find the full list of current and upcoming services below.

Questions/comments/collaboration? Feel free to join our Discussion forums, Matrix Space, or email us at: info @